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We want to thank CSE Morse for the donation that will allow us to again clothe 50 children for a year.

Also, a special thank you to the following donors (both backdoor and financial) who have supported Charitable Union during 2014. It's because of your support that we can continue to serve those who seek our services. Thank you all from the Clients, Staff and Board of Directors.

AT & T Employee Giving Campaign
A-1 Signs
Bernard and Diane Abbott
Dianne Abbott
Robin Abbott
Christina Abercrombie
Lyndon Abrams
Ann Acker
Anne Acker
Patti Ackley
Wendy Ackley
Tracy Ackley
Dan and Kathy Adams
Paula Adams
Bob Adams
Lori Adams
Louise Adams
Dave Adams
Melinda Adams
Tyler Adams
Angela Adamson
Angie Adamson
Earl Adamson
Nicole Ailes
Charles and Sue Aitken
Paul Aivars
Akay Creations
Kim Akin
Virgil and Nadine Akins
Doreen Akins
Kim Akins
Greg Alba
Roy and Arvilla Albers
Lorraine Alberty
Albion Community Foundation
Chet and Linda Alexander-Wyers
Jamie Alkire
Allegra Print and Imaging
Daniel and Kathleen Allen
Tracy Allen
Kathy Allen
Joy Allen
Diane Alleshouse
Tammy Allington
Debi Allman
Liz Alvarado
Sharon Amaro
Marvin Ambs
American Association Of University Women
American Popcorn Company
Ananta Engineer
Jean Andersen
Robert and Mary Anderson
Ron and Sherry Anderson
John and Angela Anderson
Renae Anderson
Mark Anderson
Jackie Anderson
Kathy Anderson
Sandy Anderson
Ron Anderson
Kristen Anderson
Abby Anderson
Linda Andres
Damien and Jenny Andrews
Stephen Andrews
Eric Andrews
Donald Angell
Kristi Angelo
Art and Judy Angood
Adrianna Ansell
Sharron Ansell
Camille Archie
Cindy Arizmendi
Richard Armstrong
Debra Arnold
Natasha Arnold
Robin Arnold
Adrianne Arredondo
Athens Area Community Foundation
Marietta Atkinson
Barb Auble
Jason Augenstein
John Aukerman
Rayetta Austin
DeAnn Auton
Lisa L Avery
Mary Sue Avery
John Awkerman
Suzanne Azuela
Jessica Bachand
Fred and Susan Bachman
Darcie Back
Don Backus
Christal Baggerly
Marie Bagwell
James Bailey
Bailey Park Auto Service
Rita Bailey
Sandra Bailey
David and Cynthia Baird
Cindy Baird
Karla Baird
Mary Baird
CJ and LouAnne Baker
Kathleen Baker
Jane Baker
Tony Baker
Thomas Baker
Brett and Ann Bakker
Jim and Susan Baldwin
Sheila Baldwin
Gabriel Balestier
Cecil and MaryAnn Ball
Amy C Ball
Lonnie Ball
Brooke Ballance
Teresa Ballard
Arnold Bamfield
Pam Banaszak
Becky Banaszak
Katy Banfield
Stephanie Banks
Dan Barba
Charla Barber
Naomi Barber
Jack Bargo
Larry Barken
Robert and Mardi Barker
Robert Barnes
Judy Barnes
NonaMarie Barnett
Bruce and Jan Barney
Elizabeth Barney
Carol Barr
Kurt Barrett
James and Anna Barry
Alicia Barry
Perry Barta
Jennifer Bartels
Sarah Bartholomew
Craig Bartholomew
Dale and Laura Bartow
Keith Bartzen
Heather Bartzen
William E Bassler
Marcia Batch
James and Kathy Bates
Celenna Bateson
Glenna Bateson
Battle Creek Community Foundation
Battle Creek Exchange Club
Battle Creek Hearing Services
Battle Creek Public Schools
Battle Creek Radio
Battle Creek Tile and Mosaic
Battle Creek Unlimited, Inc
BCTGM Local 3-G
Bill and Sadie Bauer
Jim and Paula Bauer
Jim Bauer
Amy Bauman
Joan Bauman
Amy Baumann
Jeremy Bax
Larry and Delores Baxter
April Bayman
Roger and Linda Bays
Lori Bays
Thomas and Sherry Bean
Perry and Crystal Beard
Deborah Beaty
Adrienne Becker
Aimee Bedard
Bedford Elsa Lioness Club
Jim Beeman
Brian Beene
Joseph and Melinda Beffrey
Cheryl Begg
Linda Behnke
Jean Beland
Tassy Bell
Paula Beller
Benjamin and Jeralyn Belote
Stephen and Pat Bennett
Carol Bennett
Ron Bennett
Pat Bennett
Dale Bennett
Joe Bentley
Justine Bentz
David Benzik
Carol Berge
Carolyn Berkey
Chuck Bernath
M. Berridge
Donald and Sheri Berry
Orvis and Lavon Berry
Nina Berry
David Berry
Bob and Pam Bertelson
Heather Bertelson
Robert Bertelson
Kathy Bess
Hallie Bess
Anitra Bettac
Timothy Beuschel
Donna Bidelman
Angela Biergeder
Binda Foundation
Birchwood United Methodist Church
Kristin Bishop
Steve Bishop
Nancy Bissett
Karen Bittner
Cathy Black
Karen Black
Betty Black
Shirley Blackamore
Patricia Blackford
Tiffany Blackman
Wayne and Bonnie Blair
Rick and Pat Blanchard
Gerald Blanchard
Kelly Blanchard
Kelly Blaskie
June Bloch
Darin Blocker
Randy Blowers
Linda Blowers
Ricky and Brita Blue
Janette Bly
Keena Blythe
Jessica Boden
Darla Boes
Peggy Bohl
Robert and Phyllis Bokhart
Cindie Boland
Sandra Bolden
Liz Bolden
Julie Bolden
Bonnie Bole
Julie Bolen
Jill Bolhuis
Vicky Bolton
Mike Boltz
James Boltz
Ed Bolz
Susan Bond
Amber Bonnell
Gary Bonnell
Durwood and Jeanne Booher
Dan and Sarah Boone
Mary Bornamann
Linda Borsum
Russ and Michele Bortell
Ann Bortz
Roger Bosse
Ken and Barb Bostwick
Kim Bottomlee
Christina Bourdo
Mary Bourgeois
Shawn Bowdidge
Brenda Bowens
Margaret Bowland
Roy Bowling
Larry and Cena Bowman
Shanette Bowser
Jim Boyer
Doreen Boyer
Sara Boyer
Merel Boyer
Ventra Boykin
Stephanie Bracken
Carol Braden
James and Jill Bradley
Tom and Debra Bradley
Alicia M Bradley
Annie Bradley
Donna Bradshaw
James Brady
Carol Bragg
Vince and Jackie Braman
William and Kathleen Bramble
Jane Brandt
Melanie Brann
Becky Branstetter
Lisa Brauer
Mike Breitbach
Danielle Brenke
Donald and Carol Brenner
Wynne Breuring
Jerry Bridger
Robert and Betsy Briere
Gordon Briggs
Laverta Briggs
Martha Briggs
Mary Brinstool
Elizabeth Briscoe
Lori Briscoe
Fonda Briskey
Dave and Jeanette Britton
MaryBeth Britton-Goff
Patricia Brockwell
Bill Broderick
Pat Bromberek
Bronson-Battle Creek
Leanor Brooker
Dianne Brooker
Susan Brooks
Christie Brooks
Malawwee Broomfield
Antwaun Broughton
Tom and Peggy Brown
Sheridan Brown
Julie Brown
Dorothy Brown
Gladys Brown
Mary Brown
Bettina Brown
Mark Brown
Angie Brown
Joy Brown
Asia Brown
Kim Brown
Cheryl Brown
Jack Brown
Janie Brown
Ivan Brown
Barb Brown
Nancy Brown
Pamela Brown
Angela Brown
Jeff Brownell
Kathie Brumble
Suzi Brundage
Sherry Brunner
P. Brunner
Mary Bruns
Linda Brunson
Elizabeth Brunt
Beth Brutsche
Bruce Bryant
Clyde and Dawn Buchanan
Ken Bucher
Jo Buckenberger
John Bucklet
Susan Buckley
Cynthia Buckley
Diane Buckley
Robert E Buckner
Sondra Buckner
Jack Budrow
Mellisa Bufka
Shelley Buhl
Dan Bumford
Dan Bunch
Gary and Janett Bundy
Carol Bunting
Lori Burdette
Larry Burdick
Kurt Burdick
Sandra Burk
Jack Burkle
Valerie Burks
Doug Burland
Karen Burleson
David Burlingame
Mark and Annette Burnett
Betty Burns
Ruth Burns
Ron Burris
Meg Burris
Margaret Burris
Jack Burrow
Linda Burt
Russell Burt
Janet Burton
Lorel Buschke
Duane Bush
Diane Bush
Barbara Bushong
Barb Bussing
Scott Butcher
Mary Butler
Shelly Button
Kula Bwamba
Dwight Bynum
Holly Byrd
Sherry Cady
Jeff Cahill
Jason and Ashley Cain
Nancy Cain
Cal-Co Quilters Guild
Sandy Calderone
Lorenzo and Ruth Caldwell
Deb Calkins
Edward Calkins
Calhoun Christian School
Calhoun Community High School
Calhoun Intermediate School District
Alicia Callahan
Tracie Callaway
Donna Callender
Reuben Calous
Reuben Calow
Linda Calvo
Patti Cammarata
Mindy Camp
Dorothy Campbell
Walter Campbell
Jimmy Campbell
Tara Canfield
Susan Canning
Jennifer Cappell
Terry Card
Nancy Card
Robert and Cindy Carey
Susan Carlson
FR Carmichael
Felicitas Caro
Patricia Carpenter
James Carr
Norma Carrigan
Antonio Carrillo
Tom and Carol Carroll
Tom Carroll
Jerry and Donna Carter
Dolores Carter
Art Carter
Debra Cascioli
Debra Case
Ursula Case
Kim Case
David and Janice Casella
Amy Cash
Bryon and Rachelle Casler
Dan Casselman
Greg Casterline
Cherie Celli
Center Stage Dance Studio
Cereal City Pediatrics
Cereal City Sunrise Rotary Club
Ceresco Baptist Church
Melinda Cervantes
Sally Chadwick
Susan Chamberlain
Phil Chamberlain
Edna Chantrenne
Chapel Hill United Methodist Church
David and Nancy Chapin
Jackie Chapin
Christy Chapin
Joan Chapman
Kelly Chapman
Nancy Chapman
Wayne Chapman
Chapter CR PEO
Charitable Union Gift Shop
Charitable Union Staff
MaryAnne Charron
Dorthy Chase
Dominique Chatman
Kathleen Chauvin
Paul and Bertha Cheatham
Chemical Bank
Angela Cheng
Cindy Cheyne
Vera Chichester
Heather Chick
Gerald and Cynthia Childs
Betty Chimner
Mike and Gretchen Chisholm
Peter and Carolyn Christ
Chris and Betty Christ
Dixie Christensen
Linda Christensen
Annalisa Christensen
Joann Christian
Lindsay Christle
Susan Christlieb
Staci Christman-Gardner
Christ United Methodist Church
Cassandra Chubinski
Renee Church
Holly Cinzori
City Of Battle Creek
Russ Claggett
Celeste Clark
Betty Clark
Mary Clark
Melinda Clark
Vivian Clark
Lakea Clark
Teresa Clark
Brian Clark
Lakeea Clark
Parnell Clark
Kate Clark
Lean Clark
Kimberly Clark
Gary Clark
Denise Clark
Paul and Sandra Clausen
Diane Clay
Lupe Clay
Carl Clem
Janet Clemens
Annie Clements
Janet Clemmons
Sue Cleveland
Tammy Clinger
Courtney Clingman
Diana Cloud
Mary Clyde
CM Contracting
Pat Coats
Mary Coay
Loreli Cobb
John and LaJune Coffing
Roger Cole
Connie Cole-Burland
Wilma Coleman
Jerry Coleman
Rodney and Linda Collins
Sue Collins
Ruby Collins
William and Mary Collopy
Lori Collyer
Diane Colquhoun
Kerri Comai
Kathy Combs
Deb Comello
Comerica Bank
Kathy Compton
Con Agra Foods
Pam Condlyffe
Kathy Kennedy Condlyffe
Dominga Conine
Orval Conine
Deborah Conklin
Pat Conley
Joyce Connelly
Jim Connor
Continental Pastries and Deli
Dawn Converse
Dan and Sheila Convis
Linda Cook
Ginny Cook
Cynthia Cook
Chad Cooley
Teresa Cooper
Monique Cooper
Charles and Constance Corbin
Lori Corbin
Tyann Cords
Kevin Cork
Cornerstone Community Church
Lola Cosgrove
Darlene Cosgrove
Doris Costa
D. Costa
Julie Costa
Dana Costello
Country Chapel United Methodist Church
Gregory and Kay Courter
Debbie Cousins
Barb Coy
Steve Cracolici
Hancy Craig
Chuck and Jackie Crail
Monica M Crandall
Gloria Crandall
Margaret Crane
Jerry Cranmore
Thomas and Trudy Cravens
Malcolm Crawford
Sheila Crawford
Sandy Cretsinger
Nita Cretsinger
Yvonne Cribbs
JoAnn Cribbs
Lana Crockett
Carolyn Cromwell
Shannon Cronk
Dot Cronkhite
Candy Crooks
Brenda Crowder
Beckyann Crowley
Bobbie Crum
CSE Morse
CSM Group
CTS Telecom Inc.
Michael Cubberly
Tim Culver
Jim Culver
Sandy Cummings
Arettia Cummings
Brenda Cummings
Niki Cummings
Anne Cummins
Jan Cummins
Ruthann Cummins
Amber Cunningham
Debbie Curey
Marie Curmi
Sandra Curtis
Roger Curtis
Roger Curtiss
Roxy Cushman
Annie Cusic
Mary Cusic
Bev Cutler
Kelly Cutsinger
Noreen Cutsinger
Timothy and Cheryl Czerney
Karen Daddow
Ethan Daley
James Dalton
Tammi Damerow
Vijay Dandamudi
Bryan and Amy Dandenault
Amanda D D'Angelo
Ronald Daniel
Candy Daniels
Dale Daniels
Candace Daniels
Tiffany Daniels
Nicole Darling
Michelle Datema
Mike and Laura Daugherty
April Daugherty
Trudy Daum
Davenport University
Richard Davidson
Rose Davidson
Anna Davidson
John and Laura Davis
James and Rita Davis
Clarence and Jean Davis
Randy Davis
Deborah Davis
Rita Davis
Fred Davis
Norman Davis
Julie Davis
Tracy Davis
J Davis
Jackie Davis
Wendy Davis
Jan Davis
Chris Davison
William Dawe
Todd Dawson
C. Dawson
Tammy Dawson
Susan Day
John Day
John Dayhuff
David De Russett
Kathryn Deamud
Sidney DeBoer
Lisa DeBow
Kelly Dechant
Ruth Decker
Julie Decker
Anita Decker
Sue Deese
Lisa DeGraw
Joe DeKoss
Julie DeLaurence
Robert DeLisle
Linda DeLisle
Katy DeLoos
Dee Demond
Harlan DeMott
Sharon DeMott
Leah DeMott
Kelly Dempsey
Fred and Kristyn Denison
Barbara Dennis
Jane DenOtter
Ronald and Alice Densborn
Sue Densham
Shelly Densmore
Jennifer Derose
David Derossett
Stephanie DeRushia
Craig DeSimone
Jane Destefano
Sandy Determann
Janet Detweiler
Devine's Art
Kurt DeVries
Marilyn DeWaard
Detria DeWalt
L. Dewberry
Lindsay DeYoung
Evie Diamond
Tammy Dickens
Sharon Dickerson
Susan Dickerson
Diane Dickey
Ruth Dickinson
Darnetta Dickinson
Glenn Dickmann
Reginald Dickson
Craig and Martha Diederich
Amika Diggs-Johnson
James and Mary Dillard
Nancy Dimitri
Carly Dingman
Carley Dingman
Adam and Deb Dingwall
Kathy Dingwall
Jeffrey Dinkins
Karen Dinkins
Shirley Dipertro
Shirley DiPietro
Bill Discher
David Disler
Dale Dittmer
DLA CTR Information Systems/SAIC
Kurt Dobberteen
Henry Dobbertien
Gary Dodd
Vivian Dodge
Jon and Tara Dolbee
Tim Dolbee
Tim Dolby
Dave and Eve Dolenski
Dave Dolensky
Jeffrey Domenico
Penny Domsic
Anonymous Donor
Bill Dornton
Karen Dorr
J Dostie
Jackie Dostie
John and Marilyn Doty
Adam Doty
Leslie Douglas
Sherri Douglas
John and Debbie Dowdle
Frank Drain
Julanne Drake
Brenda Dredge
John and Eunice Drew
Rochelle Druelette
Lori Drumm
Lisa Dubois
Amy Dugan
Scott Dukeman
Chris Dulin
Duncan Aviation
Gerald and Constance Duncan
Janet Duncan
Darran Duncan
Gerald and Doris Dunlap
Philip Dunlap
Sara Dunn
Kathy Sue Dunn
Kathy Dunn
Irma Dunton
Luis Duran
Sam and Teresa Durham
Nancy Durkee
Margaret Durr
Dennis Duval
Susan Duval
Jeff Dyer
Rachel Dyer
Jack and Marguerite Eagles
Tom Eason
Eaton Corporation
Jerry Ebel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ebeling
Lynn Eberhard
Suzanne Ebright
Deborah Eccleston
Barbara Eddinger
Mike Eddy
Stephen and Jill Edelen
Jena Edwards
Kim Edwards
Gary Edwards
Fannie Edwards
Claudia Edwards-Houser
Susan Egelkraut
Jeri Ellerthorpe
Rebecca Elliot
Kathy Elliott
Tamara Elliott
Chad Ellison
Renay Ellison
Richard and Linda Elliston
Evon Elmore
Elwell Salon
Shayne Elwell
Stan Elwell
Eric Ely
Daniel Emard
Jackie Emenheiser
Robert and Gayle Emerson
Janis Emery
Employment Group
Employment Plus
Inc. Endbridge Energy Company
Brian Engelhardt
Martha Engle
Valorie English
Kim English
Donna English-Slaughter
Angela Enochson
Dolores Enos
Charles and Marilyn Eppright
Mary Eriksen
Pat Erikson
Margaret Erk
Ermisch Travel
Dawn Ernst
Shirley Erskine
Margaret Esbaugh
Jennifer Esch
Angie Esquivel
Dorothy Estes
Kent and Janet Evans
Tom and Anita Evans
Andrea Evans
Jenny Evans
Karen Evans
Charlie Evans
Darla Evans
Myrtle Evans
Debra Evans
Chris Evans
Peggy Evans
Joyce Evans
Dave Evenson
Mary E Faber
Travis Face
Betty Facey
Bob Failing
Joanne Fales
Family Health Center
Fantasy Costume
Tom and Kathy Farchone
Kaytee Faris
Amy Farleigh
Farley Memorial Foundation
Sue Farrell
Loretta Farrell
Lisa Farrell
Jerri Farrington
Del and Jill Fausey
Ken Fawcett
Jackie Fedak
S. Felber
Linda Feld
Sherry Feld
Ada Feldman
Susan Fencl
Kelly Feneley
Jeff and Mary Karen Fenwick
Karolynn Ferguson
Bernice Ferguson
Lori Ferrall
Jane Fette
Daniel Fettig
Arthur Fields
Clara Fields
Ola Fields
Fifth Third Bank
Jan Finch
Finish Line Laundry
Finley's American Grill
First Assembly Of God
First Baptist Church
First Christian Church
First Church Of Christ Scientitst
First Congregational Church
First Presbyterian Church
First United Methodist Church
Beverly Fish
Harold and Monica Fisher
Don and Carolyn Fisher
Jim and Judy Fisher
Lisa Fisher
Doug Fisher
Sandy Fishnick
William Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald
Flagstar Bank
Julie Fleming
Jeri Fleming
Krista Fletcher
Tim Flo
Rose Flores
Anne Flynn
Karen Fobear
Linda Fogg
Shannon Fokuyama
Jim Foote
Pam Foote
Jim Ford
Debby Forsyth
Laura Foster
Kristy Foster-Potter
Tina Foubare
Mary Fountain
Tamara Jones Fountaine
Ferguson Fourn
Jack and Heather Fowler
Karen Fox
Cathy Fox
Audria Fox
Katy Fox
Rebekeh Frailey
Rebekah Frailey
Thomas Franke
Franklin Iron and Metal
Michelle Franklin
Susan Franklin-Behnke
Kay Frankowski
Janette Frantz
Priscilla Frederick
Renardo Frederick
David Frederickson
Darlene Freeburn
Linda Freybler
Stevie Frierson
Marilyn Fritts
Jenny Fry
Herbert Fuld
Jerry Fuller
Pat Fuller
Michelle Fuller
Victoria L Fulton
Rose Marie Funk
Richard and Jeanette Gagnon
C. Gaines
Jon Galbreath
Joyce Galen
Patrick Galizio
Cindy Galizio
John and Ann Gallagher
Gallagher Uniform Company
Mary Gallaway
Anne Galley
Mary Galloway
Bruce and Barb Galonsky
Marcus Galss
Carol Gammons
Kristy Gandy
Ganton Senior Communities
Barb Gapske
Allen Garbrecht
Linda Garcia
Liz Garcia
Lupe Garcia
Kris Gardner
K Gardner
Lysza Gardner
Randy Gardner
Gary and Kathy Garland
Kelly Garner
Chris Garner
Mary Jo Garrett
Garrison Hills Wesleyan Church
Sherry Garrison
Hugh and Marjorie Garside
Hugh Gauss
Teresa Gawlak
Sharon Gawlak
Jean Gay
John Gayda
Paul and Judy Geiger
Joanne Geise
Lynette Geno
Doug Geno
Nancy George
Chris George
Mary George
Dan Gerber
Al Gibbs
Leroy Gibbs
Danyelle Gibson
Jamie Gibson
Rhonda Giese
Harriet Giesen
Karen Gilbert
Sharon Gilkison
Lakeisha Gill
Linda Gillespie
Jessica Gilman
Jennie Gipson
Ethel Glass
Marcus Glass
Harvey Glass
Windi Glessner
Jerry and Marion Glubke
Scott Glubke
Anita Glynn
John and Jean Godfrey
Carolyn Goff
Loretta Gold
Vicky Golden
Maggie Goll
Kate Goll
Tracey Goll
Tracy Goll
Bea Golyar
Bill Golyar
Kathy Golyar
William Gooch
Sherie Goodman
Dawn Goodman
Lalone Goodner
Goodwill Industries
Kathy Goodwin
Dorothy Gorham
Chris Gorham
Tabitha Gorham
Mike Goy
Hope Grable
Dan and Julie Graham
LaKendria Graham
Sonjia Graham
Jody Graham
Nicole Graham
Karsten Gram
Fredonia Grange
Lorin Granger
Doug and VyAnn Grant
William Grant
Jean Grant
Barb Grant
Lee Graves
Mike Gray
Monica Gray
Harold Gray
Bridgette Gray
Cyndi Gray
Brigdette Gray
Hal Gray
Cindi Gray
Greater Kalamazoo Combined Federal Campaign
Mike Green
Sarah Green
Jeffrey Greene
Mike Greene
L Greenman
Ken Greenwood
Deb Greger
Deobrah Gregory
Larry Gregory
Robyn Gregory
Deborah Gregory
Pam Gresley
John Griffin
Ivy Griffin
Mike Griffith
Chris and Patti Grimes
Beverly Grimes
Ashleigh Grissom
Vicky Groat
Anita Grodareut
Anita Grodavent
Linda Groff
Phil Groll
Tammy Grosser
Michelle Guarman
Genny Guarniere
Michelle Guarniere
Sally Gubitz
Chonita Gudger
Louis Guerra
Dorlah Guilfoyle
Tom Gunning
Robert and Gail Guth
M Gutierrez
Helen Guzzo
Dena Haas
David Habenicht
Dave Habenicht
Anne Hacker
Constance Hackworth
Sara Hadaway
Kayla Hadden
Matt Hadley
Barb Hagelshaw
Travis Haineault
Heather Hakman
Christy Halbert
Mark Halbert
Nakita Hale
Kathy Haley
Janae Hall
Caroline Hall
Alice Hallack
J Halladay
Shersomt Halloway
Natalie Halmi
Randy and Susan Halonen
Rachel Ham
Alfred and Pauline Hamady
Laura Hamilton
Debra Hammock
Adam and Allison R Hammond
Alice Hammond
Cheri Hammond
Peggy Hampton
Heather Hampton
Kimberly Hampton
Sharon Hancock
Thomas Hancock
HandsOn Battle Creek
Dan Haney
Cynthia Hanger
Sheila Hankes
Amanda Hankinson
Mark and Angela Hanlin
Leslie Hann
Melvin and Linda Hanna
Ruth Hanna
David Hanna
Gregory Hannemann
Catherine Hansen
Sally Hansen
Erik and Boni Hansen
Janice Hansens
Carl Hanson
Jim Hanson
Thomas Hanson
Marcia Harbert
Ginger Harbin
Staci Hard
Christine Harding
Carol Hardwick
M Hargelt
MaryEllen Hargett
Rhonda Harmon
Harper Creek Schools
Lisa Harper
Phillip Harrington
Gregory Harrington III
Neal and Mickey Harris
Amy Harris
Kathy Harris
Tony Harris
Marylee Harris
Ann Harris
Diane Harris
Andrew and Brenda Harrison
Robert Harrison
Betty Harrison
Vernetta Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Deane Harsha
Philip and Mary Harter
Bren Hartman
Irena Hartman
Doug Hartough
Rachel Hartwick
Pat Harvath
Anita Harvey
Bob Harvey
Mark and Patricia Haskins
Deb Hastings
Kristine Hatch
Brendel Hatley
Jon Haug
Renee Hawes
Ronald Hawkins
David Hawks
Barbara Hawthorne
James and SueAnn Hayes
Laurel Hayes
Roy Hayes
Margaret Hayes
Jim Hayes
Lori Hayes
Richard Hayes
Kathy Haylock
Shannon Haywood
Susan Healy
Sue Healy
Bob and Sandy Heath
Shamarie Heberer
Betty Heckber
Toni Heckman
Doreen Heemsoth
Richard and Susan Heeres
Carol Heff
Robert and Susan Hegerberg
Nichole Hegner
Nikki Hegner
Jeanita Hegner
Marjory Heil
Robert and Sheila Heine
J Heinrich
Reinhard Heirman
Debbie Heiss
Kenneth Helbling
Barb Helbling
David Helka
Sarah Helka
Dave Helka
Paul and Barbara Helm
James Hendershot
Karl Henderson
Rosa Hendrick
Susan Hendrickson
Karol Henegar
Kirk Henning
John Hennink
Bev Henry
Teddy Henry
Lynda Hensel
Joyce Henson
Gerald and Wendy Heppe
Heritage Assisted Living
Sherrill Herman
Elizabeth Herman
Patricia Herr
Craig Herr
Bonikka Herring
Boonikka Herring
Lois Herring
Kim Herron
Joanne Hewitt
Teresa Hewitt
Joe Hewitt
Ruth Heyn
Mollie Hiatt
Nancy Hibiske
Timothy and Becky Hickey
Preston Hicks
Janis Hidley
Chris Higdon
Joan Higgins
Paula Higgins
Kevin Hightower
Gloria Hill
Jacqueline Hill
Phil Hill
Bobby Hill
Brenda Hillman
Janice Hinds-Neville
Beverly Hinman
Wayne Hinton
Michelle Hiscock
Phil and Margaret Hitchcock
Debby Hjortaas
Ryan Hoag
Ron Hodge
Steve Hodges
Nancy Hoeltzel
David Hoexter
Betty Hoffman
Hoffman Brothers, Inc.
Elizabeth Hoffman
Angela Hoffman
Elaine Hog
Dot Hoglen
Jim Hoglen
Jim and Carrie Hoglen
Sandy Holbrook
Brian Holcomb
Linda Holden
Christian Holden
Joyce Holder
Holistic Health Center
Alice Holibaugh
Chris Hollenbeck
Craig and Chris Holley
Carla Holley
Russell Hollister
Sherry Holloway
Mary Holm
Floyd Holmes
Sue Holmes
Kelly Holmes
Mike Holmi
Michael Holmi
Dee Holton
Pat Homan
Sheila Hooker
Diane Hoover
David and Beth Hoppe
Marlyce K Horan
Stan and Anna Horn
Shirley Horn
Roger Horner
James Horton
Marge Horwitz
John Hosking
Elizabeth Hosking
Allison Hough
Victoria Houser
Mandy Howard
Kristena Howard
Michael Howard
Linda Howard
Marvin Howell
Kim Howell
Juanita Howes
Bruce and Brenda Howrey
Chris Hubbard
Patti Hubbard
Shawn Hubbard
Joyce Hubbard
Porscha Hubbert
Mary Huebner
Darlene Hueckel
Sara Huelbergen
Sara Huelsbergen
Carroll and Judith Hughes
Tina Hughes
Shelly Hughes
Freddie Hughes
Carnell Hughes
Gene Hughes
Dorothy Hughes
Dorene Hughey
DeDe Hugo
Dee Hugo
Wesley and Bonnie Huibregtse
Lori Huling
Lynn Hulkow
Dortha Humbert
Margie Humes
Carolyn Humeston
Paul and Gretchen Humiston
Mary Humphreys
Jerry Humphreys
Sally Hunt
Niechelle Hunt
Ramona Hunt
Sally Hurt
Dorothy Hutchison
Cathy Hutchison
Gary and Dorothy Hutchison
Dave and Linda Hyslop
Amanda Hyslop
Christine Iavelli
II Stanley
William Iles
Craig Imhoff
Virginia Ingraham
Elizabeth Insley
Michael and Missy Irons
Melissa Irons
Frances Isaac
Wendy Isaacson
Diana Isaacson
Michael Iseminger
Tom Islam
David Ismirle
Damon Ismirle
Joan Ivany
Sharon Ivany
Irene Jackson
Lee Jackson
Peggy Lou Jackson
Bernice Jackson
Josh Jackson
Deb Jackson
Harriet Jackson
Sandy Jacob
Danielle Jacob
Stephanie Jacob
Julyette Jacobs
Jerry Jacobs
Colleen Jacoby
Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Jaconette
Linnea Jaconette
Isabel James
Suzy James
Ronald Jamierson
Jaqua Realtors
Vicki Jansen
Dawn Jarmann
J-Arts LLC Uncle Jakes
JC Penney
Steve Jenkins
Mindi Jenkins
Linda Jerzyk
Stephen and Sue Jessup
Sandra Jessup
Mike and Laura Jewett
JO Galloup Company
Doris Johnson
Marya Johnson
Ken Johnson
Eileen Johnson
Richard Johnson
Michelle R Johnson
Brenda Johnson
Douglas Johnson
Sherrie Johnson
Stacy Johnson
Carolyn Johnson
Matt Johnson
Susan Johnson
Mary Johnson
Marva Johnson
Andrea Johnson
Kathleen Johnson
Clarence Jones
Daniel Jones
Patricia Jones
Steve Jones
Nichole Jones
Cynthia Jones
Lillian Jones
Ron Jones
Marvita Jones
Robert Jones
Maika Jones
Dave Jones
Deb Jones
Della Jones
Sandra Jones
Ruth Jordon
Susan Jorena
Edwin Joslyn
Angie Joy
Karen Jozwiak
Dan and Bonnie Judd
Donna Kachman
Christopher and Debra Kalkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Viestus Kalnins
Dianne Kalnins
Doug and Lynne Kane
Karen Kane
Darcy Kane
Tim Karazim
Kenneth and Robin Kares
Larry and Julia Karns
Rodney Kasdorf
Amber Kaspari
Nakia Katjihcko
Julian Katz
David and Ann Kaynor
Jeri Kazaks
Jeff Keagle
Don Keaton
Dan and Elaine Keck
Donnis Keever
Lynn Kehoe
Ruth Keifer
Susan Keitel
Barb Keith
Lynn Keller
Nancy Keller
Jill Kelley
Keesnia Kelley
Cory Kelley
Carol Kellogg
Kellogg Community Federal Credit Union
Lloyd Kellum
Amanda Kelly
Renee C Kelly
Janice Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Jayne Kempf
Kendall Electric
Norinne Kenning
Linda Kenyon
Corinne Keoning
Sandra Kerns
Victoria Kersten
Rita Kerwin
Connie Keys
Abbey Kidder
Ann Kidder
Sandra Kidder
David and Carol Kiessling
Troy and Kathy Kiessling
Krista Kiessling
Jody Kiessling
Kodie Kiessling
Mary Kilbourn
Kathi Kilbourn
Duane Kilbourn
Kathryn Kilbourn
Regina Kilgor
Kevin Kilgore
Aretha Kilgore
Tuan Kim
Dale Kimball
Ramona Kime
Mark and Karen King
Jacque King
David King
Florence King
James King
King Jewelers
Theresa King
DeNiece King
Jean King
Stefanie Kinney
Norman Kinney
Donald and Robin Kinsley
Paul Kirtley
Michelle Kirwin
Alexis Kissinger
Vicki Kissinger
Eric and Becky Kitchen
Kiwanis Club Of Battle Creek
Monte and Kandice Kizzier
Jane Klein
Jenny Kleuter
Paul and Jean Kline
Frances Kline
Dan Kline
Joann Kloack
Virginia Kloc
Joan Klopfenstein
M. Knell
Donald and Dianne Kneller
Joyce Knight
John and Cynthia Koerner
Joseph and Rebecca Koerner
Mary Koerner
Charles Kohs
Janet Koltonowski
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Kopelman
Pat Kopf
Karla Kopp
Patricia Korest
Don and Jacqualine Korten
Cathie Koshar
Christine Kosmowski
Dannielle Kostrab-Boyd
Jill Koyl
Laura Koziarski
Jean Kraft
Jean Kramer
Joe Kramer
Don Kraus
Mark Kraushaar
Lisa Kraushaar
Patsy Krievins
Matt Krimmel
Diane Krimmel
Jean Krohn
Rodney and Cynthia Krontz
Roy Krontz
Wendy Kropp
Cecilia C Krum
April Kuehn
Wayne Kukuk
Drusilla Kulish
Cathy Kunitzer
Dan Kunnitzer
Debra Kurtz
Donnis Kuver
Deb Kuykendall
Larry LaBond
Dan LaBrecque
Richard Lackey
Connie LaCon
Kellie Laduke
Bernice LaFleur
Ozzie Lafleur
Janine LaFrance
Emma LaGrand
Zau Lahpai
Phil Lahr
Ernie and Sylvia Lahusky
James and Lois Laird
Mindy Lake
Terry Lake
Annette Lake
Lakeview Ford
Steve Lamb
Shelly Lamb
Jerry and Michelle Lambert
John and Susan Lampas
Shannon Landers
Amy Landers
Christine Landis
Terri Landis
Norma Landstra
Dorothy Lane
Dawn Lange
Lisa Langs
Amanda L Lankerd
Orvan and Judith Lantinga
Jennifer LaPaugh
Gary and Deborah Lapekas
Kay LaPierre
Ed Larson
Judith Larson
Donna Lartigue
Linda LaRue
Ray Lasich
Terry Lassen
Erika Latchaw
John Latta
Leslie Lauderbaugh
Laura's Gourmet Catering
Antoinette Lav
Devon Lavengood
Julie Lawcock
Walter and Emily Lawrence
David and Kathleen Lawrence
Stephen and Nancy Lawrence
Lynn and Phyllis Lawrence
Stephanie Lawrence
Daniel Lawrence
Pamela Lawson
Daryel Lawton
Robert and Cynthia Leach
Judy Leach
Rance and Linda Leaders
Bonnie Leahy
John and Delia Leatherman
Michael Leatherman
Qiana LeBoeuf
Kenneth Leche
Joyce Leche
Joanne Leche
Bryon Leche
Allan and Marcella Lee
Michele Lee
Ivory Lee
Alan Lee
Marcella Lee
Allen Lee
Sherry Lee
Sheila Lefton
Shannon Legg
Mary Lehouiller
Al and Candy Leibert
MaryLou Leichliter
Lori Leiter
Jeff Leiter
Tonya Lemmons
Ann Marie Lemon
Ann Lemon
Colten Lenziger
Cathy LeRoux
Martha Lester
Teri Letts
Tom Lewis
Debbie Lewis
Yan Li
Khim Lian
Kerri Lichty
Suzanne Liddell
Lifecare Ambulance Service
Matt and Diana Lind
Gloria Lind
Teresa Lindauer
Mary Lindow
Sandra Lindsay
Darl Link
D Link
David Linke
Penny Linsley
Jamaica Linwood
Todd Lipovsky
Patricia Lipps
Martha Little
Cynthia Little
Michele Locke
Willie Lockwood
Neisha Loew
Gerhard and Therese Loewe
Sheila Lofton
John and Mary Logan
Myung Lohman
Elaine Lohrke
Anita Long
Deborah Longbons
Scott Lorencen
Dennis and Anne Lorenz
Josh Lorenzen
Phyllis Lotts
Bill Lotts
Patricia Lovelady
Dianne Low
Cheri Lowe
Stewart Lowe
Marilyn Lowell
Kim Lower
Mark Lowne
Lena Lowrie
Jodi Lubis
James Lucas
Felicia Lucas
Tiana Lucius
Ron Ludwa
Mary Ludwick
Janis Ludwig
Gary Ludwig
Maria Luna
Mark Lundquist
Dr. Terance and Marjorie Lunger
Mary Lusk
Bettina Lussier
Louis Lussier
Batina Lussier
Raymond Luts
Judy Lutz
Sarah Lyle
Rebecca Lyles
Garland B Lynn
Gary and Ann Lyon
Wendy A Lyon
Gary Lyon
Kathleen Lyon
Kathy Lyon
Kathleen Lyons
Larenda Lytle
Jackie MacCannell
Ken MacNevin
Terri MacNevin
Harold Macon
Louis Maddalena
Don Madden
Monica Maddix
Monica Maddox
Clark and Ann Maddox
Jenna Madej
Scott Madej
Debbie Magee
Mike and Debbie Magers
Jeanne Mahoney
Charles and Jean Mahoney
Judy Maier
Teri Maisner
Danyelle Maitland
Mary Maley
Rebekah Mang
Jean Mangan
Jo Manger
Hedy Manguson
Julia Manies
Douglas and Kathy Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mann
Randy Mann
Keith Manning
Mary Jo Manning
James Manring
Gloria Mansfield
Judith Mansfield
Georgia Mansfield
Scott Manzo
Larry Marble
David Marick
Tom Marick
Mary Markus
Mark Wilk Landscape Inc
Marshall Community Credit Union
Marshall Community Foundation
Marshall High School
Marshall Middle School
Marshall United Way
Joyce Marshall
Matt Marshe
Keith Martens
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Martin
Rita Martin
Howard Martin
Kay Calley Martin
Sharon Martin
Shannon Martin
Robin Martin
Pam Martin
Dave Martin
Denise Martin
Karrie Martinez
Laura Martinez
Stephanie Marx
Paul Mason
Joan Massimino
Lois Masters
Cindy Masters
Sue Matthews-McCaslin
Tina Mattson
Joan Maturen
Larraine Matusak
Melvin Matuschka
Nancy Maurer
John Maurer
Amy Maurer
Jack and Norma Mawdsley
Gordon Maxson
Brenda Mayaka
Charlotte Maynard
Mac and Ena McAdams
Robert McAllan
Robert McAllen
Mary McAlvey
Cheryl McAuliffe
Sally McCann
Ron McCaslin
Lorraine McClain
Christyn McCleary
Janet McClelland
Jo McClenney
Frances McClenney
Sarah McClure
D McClure
Mary McConville
Andy and Rebecca McCormack
Tonya McCowan
Jane McCoy
Jennifer McCreight
Lisa McCulley
Mallary McCulley
Michael McCullough
Alicia McCullough
Paula McDaniel
Kenneth McDaniel
Robert and Shirley McFee
Atlee McFellin
Joyce McGlocklin
Marcia McGrath
Debbie McGuire
David McKale
George McKay
Kay McKeague
Dennis McKinley
LeRoy McKinney
Lynda McKinnon
Kim McKinzie
Howard McKire
Mary McKnight
Frank McLiechey
Lacey McMillan
Jewell McMillan
Bonnie McMillen
Gary McMurtrie
Scott and Darlene McNabb
Bill McNeil
Pearl McNutt
Jim McNutt
Tiffany McNutt
Angela McNutt
Rita McPhail
Ronald and Paula McPhee
Jeanna McPherson
Patricia McQuern
Patty McQuern
Laura McRae
Jim Mead
John Mead
Benjamin and Lynn Meikle
Ann Mell
Linda Mellen
Michelle Mellinger
Paul Mellott
Linda Melville
Mary Menter
Vada Mercer
Renee Mercer
Susan Merlano
Ken Merlin
William and Gloria Messner
Patty Meyer
A. Michaels
Tami Michela
Karen Michielsen
Michigan Association Of Retired School Personnel
Michigan Tile and Carpet
Yvonne Mickens
Justice Mikolajczyk
J R. Miles
James and Karen Miller
Shane and Joan Miller
Deborah Miller
Brian Miller
Miller Foundation
JD Miller
Janice Miller
Patty Miller
Renee Miller
Thom Miller
Patricia Miller
Daleena Miller
Charleen Miller
Edric Miller
Pattricia Miller
David Miller
Jon Miller
Mitch Miller
Anna Miller
Georgia Miller
Josie Miller
Joy Miller
Nancy Miller
Les Miller
Craig Miller
Todd Miller
Briana Miller
Curt and Mary Mills
Bernisa Mills
Malissa Millsap
Darla Milnes
Tim and Vicki Milroy
Emily Minardi
Brenda Minter
Joe Misner
Jody Misner
Leonard Mitchell
Julie Mitchell
Bob and Sandra Mobley
Duane and Joanne Moe
Ken Moffat
Jim Mohn
Gregg Monica
Mike and Becki Monroe
Hope Monroe
Georgia Monroe
B Moore
Irene Moore
Sally Moore
Beatrice Moore
Ray Moore
Liberty Moore
Iren Moore
Kathleen Moore
Theodore Morales
Mary Morales
Frederick and Nancy Moran
Pamela Moran
Mike Moran
Dee Morand
Ardyce Moravetz
Louis and Bridget Morel
James Moreno
Tammy Morgan
Martha Morgan
Bonnie Morgan
Melissa Morgan
Melissa Morgan
Barb Morley
Mary Morris
John Morris
Eric Morris
Malissa Morris
Georgina Morris
Renee Morris
Maureen Morrison
David Morton
Rosellen Mosher
Pat Mosley
Karen Moss
Ronald Moss
R Mowrey
Bill Mowry
Donita M Moye
Michael Mucharek
Janet Mudge
Jim Mueller
S Mulally
Pat Mulchay
Chris Mulder
Mumford Law Office
Joe Munger
Amy Munie
Erica Munie
Abby Munk
Brenda Murphy
Jony Murphy
Scott Murphy
Mary Murphy
Tamara Murray
Jack Murray
Sharon Muselin
Dan Myers
Linda Myers
Rachelle M Myers
Stu and Maureen Myers
Rebecca Myszka
Charlotte Nagel
Lorraine Nasers
Jessica Nault
Richard Nava
Jack and Geraldine Nay
Lisa Needham
Katherine Neeley
Chera Neff
Laurie Neff
Bruce Neff
Julia VanThian Nei
Brad Neidhardt
Sandra Nelson
Christine Nelson
Matthew Nelson
Sandy Nelson
Jaime Nemire
Faith Nendorf
Greta Nesseth
Sandra Neterer
Bernard and Marilyn Neubert
Sandra Neubert
Liz Neumeyer
David Neve
Carolyn Newberry
Katie Newburn
Carolyn Newland
Sarah Newton
Vicky Nicholls
Walter Nichols
Marilyn Nicholson
Heidi Nicholson
Therese Nicolai
Michael and Charlene Nielsen
Dave and Suzanne Nielsen
Kenneth Nielsen
James Niewenhuis
Leota Nihart
Gianna Nikka
Barbara Nino
James Noble
Helen Nofs
Non Profit Alliance
Gail Norcross
Sandy Nordmark
Anne B Norlander
Diane Norman
Darlene Norman
Jason Norris
North Avenue Church Of God
Bob and Keitha Norton
Lori Nosal
Deb Novar
Paul Nowaczyk
Connie Nowicki
Jerome Nowicki
Winifred Nowlin
John Nunley
Cynthia Nunn
Arene Nunnally
Timothy Nycum
Chad Obenauf
MaryJean Oberdoerster
Roland Obey
Carolyn O'Connor
Clarence Odem
Tonya Odette
John and Mary O'Donnell
Shelley O'Dowd
Edwin and Marlene Oesterreich
Kathleen O'Halloran
Paul and Sharon Ohm
Layla Okudo
Old National Bank
Harry and Diane Olian
Carolyn Oliver
Robin Olmstead
Rick Olmstead
Karen Olmstead
Bridget Olsen
Jill Olson
Timothy O'Meara
Omega Castings
Omni Community Credit Union
Ron Orbeck
Pat O'Reilly
Molly O'Rourke
One Day At A Time Breast Cancer Survivor Group
Gary Orr
Rebekah Orr
Gilbert Ortiz
Barbara Osborn
Teresa Osborne
Don Ossege
Merry Ossenheimer
Harold Oswald
Suzette Ovenshire
Overflow Church/Quenched Ministries
Trina Owens
Brenda Pace
Elsie Page
Penny Palmer
Farah Palmer
Lorraine Palmer-Carter
Marlene Pape
Duane Paradine
Sid Paradine
Art Pardo
Thomas and Linda Parker
Jean Parker
Wileice Parker
Gladys Parker
Jessica Parks
Parkshore Associates
Tom Parrish
Marsha Parson-Arnold
Ted Parsons
Bill Pastor
Komal Patel
Autumn Paternoster
Shannon Patrick
Shalena Patterson
Sharnell Patterson
Rick Pattison
Andrea Paul
Patricia Paul
Philip Paul
Lyle Paul
Wilma Paulson
Sue Ann Paulson
Sheila Paulus
Glen Pawlowski
Brian Payne
Patricia Peach
Pat Pearlman
Julie Pease
Ron Pease
Naomi Peck
Sandy Peck
Susan Peet
Amy Peet
Linda Pell
Pennfield Exchange Club
Pennfield Middle School
Pennfield Presbyterian Church
Pennfield Retirees
Pennfield Schools
Tammy Pennington
Tonya Penny
PEO Chapter CA
Laura Perelli
Thomas Perigo
Eugene and Janice Perkins
Freida Perkins
Ralph and Rebecca Pernice
Shana Pero
Julie Perry
Roxie Perry
Scott Perry
Patricia Perry
Kerry Perry
Tom Perry
Butch and Patsy Perry
John Peruzze
James and Olive Pessetti
Mary Kay Pessetti
Marilyn Pestun
Fred Peterson
Karen Peterson
Christine Peterson
Kenneth Peterson
Rick Peterson
Dave and Sally Peterson
Joe Petronski
June Petty
Kathy Pew
Megan Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Phelps
Lois Phelps
Mark and Barbara Phillips
Don and Shar Phillips
Sandy Phillips
Kat Philo
Delores Philp
Cristina Phipps
Cheryl Phipps
Jane Pickett
JoAnn Picla
Melissa Pidcock
Alice Pierce
Melissa Pierce
Michael Pignataro
Michael Pignatero
Sandy Pike
Elsa Pillar
Tony and Rochelle Pino
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Piper
Dale Pitchure
Kim and Roger Pitzer
Loretta Pixley
Nicole Place
Troy Place
Nicolai Placinta Jr
Candy Plane
Don Plane
Planet Green
Janice Ploehn
Deborah Ploehn
Suzanne Ploehn
Kyle Ploehn
Traci Poe
Stephany Poindexter
Mitch Pointer
Patty Pointer
Tom Poleski
Deb Pollack
Vernona Pollard
Tara Pomeroy
Michele Popovich
Shelli Popovich
Michelle Popovich
Linda Porter
Jerry Porter
Ann Porter
Pat Porter
Marsha Porter
TaJuan Posey
Post Community Credit Union
Post Foods, LLC
Larry Potter
Sharon Potter
Kendra J Potter
Vernon and Virginia Potts
J Powell
Carl Powell
Renee Powers
Jane Prahl
Gary Prater
Kimberly Prater
Jill Prater
James Prather
Patti Pratt
James Prentice
Jayna Price
Chad Priest
Psychological Consultants
Yvonne Pugh
Marvita Pugh
Art and Pat Pula
Mary Purchase
Jack Pursley
Phil and Wilma Purvis
Kristen Purvis
Nader Qahwash
Ivory Qualls
Quality Furniture
Mike and Carol Quartermaine
Quilts At Marshall House
Glenn and Debra Quinlan
Mary Rabbit
Ruth Rabbitt
Frank Radowski
Susan Rae
Sylvia Rafels
Bill Rager
Kathleen Ragla
V Ragusa
Glenn Ralston
Marie Ralston
Norma Rambow
Debbie Ramer
Diane Ramirez
Larry Ramos
Samantha Randall
Debbie Randall
Jeanita Randall
Jeannette Randall
Joe and Linda Ratti
Kathryn Rauch
Janine Reber
Marda Redditt
Marda Redditts
Redemption Lutheran Church
Shirland and Marcia Redfield
Emily Redmond
Craig Reed
Julie Reed
Nicole Reed
Angela Reed
Tammy Reed
Greg and Sheri Rees
Cheryl Reetz
Rick and Karen Reeves
Renee Reeves
John F Reichardt
Janene Reichardt
Jamie Reid
Jeanne Reid
Christel Reile
Lea Reitz
Susan Remer
Marilyn Reneau
Susan Renee
Vickie Renner
Lee and Karen Rentz
Chad Reynolds
Karen Rial
Rice Creek Ladies Aid
Deb Rice
Christina Rice
Jayne Rice
Rice's Shoes
Linda Rich
Karen Rich
Sandy Richard
Don Richards
Tre Richardson
Mary Richey
Alice Richmond-Hurst
Mary Riedner
Keith Riegle
Darlene Rigelman
Mark Riggs
Elease Riggs
Pat Riggs
Laurel Riley
Debbie Riley
Cheryl Riley
Jay and Mary Riley
Carol Risk
Sheila Ritsema
Jan Ritter
Virginia Rivera
Vicki Rivera
River City Food Company
Rod and Anne Rizor
Amy Rizor
Barbara Roach
Heather Robbins
Jordan Roberson
Richard Roberts
Donna Roberts
Betty Roberts
Shelby and Ann Robertson
Ali Robertson
Julia Robertson
Anita Robertson
Betty Robins
Ken Robins
Ben and Shannon Robinson
Dan and Sharon Robinson
Carolyn Robinson
James Robinson
Donald Robinson
Elizabeth Roca
Joe and Melissa Rocha
Frances Roe
JoAnne Roebuck
Karen Roebuck
James and Deborah Rogers
Jenny Rogers
Keith Rogers
Simone Rogers
Chris Rogers
Sandy Rogers
Ron Rogers
Portia Rogers
Arnold Rogers
Dakota Roggow
Shannon Rolf
Jane Rolfe
Dale and Tina Rollenhagen
Pam Rombaugh
Rich Romig
Donald and Alice Rook
Donna Rook
Homer and Pat Root
Lori M Root
Susan Root
Suzanne Rorhus
Joanne Rose
Jennifer Rose
Sue Rosko
M. Joanna Ross
Pat Ross
Rotary Club Of Battle Creek
Joyce Roth
Sandi Rothney
Leigh Rothwell
James Roubos
Jerry Roush
Betty Rowe
Carol Rowe
Susan Rowe
Sue Rowe
Ronny Rowley
Helen Royal
Dave Ruble
Verlyn Ruger
Maria Ruhlman
Lynn and Joyce Rupp
Joyce Rush
Starla Ruskin
Jo Russell
Michael Russell
Lisa Jo Ryan
Mary Ryan
Nancy Ryan
Tom Ryberg
Wendy Sabin
Barbara J Sabol
Nancy and Mark Sackrider
Kyle Sackrider
Tony and Sandy Sadowski
Shirley Sain
St Ambrose Church Delton
St. Jerome Council Of Catholic Women
St. Joseph School
St. Peter Lutheran Church
St. Phillip Thrift Shop
Bev Sajtar
Ann Sajtar
Kathy Samson
Angela Sanborn
Juan Sanchez
Sue Sander
Connie Santoro
Darlene Sargent
Jocelyn Sargent
Marilyn Sauder
Amanda Saw
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Sawchuk
Susan Sawyer
Ruth Sawyer
Matt and Heidi Saxton
Dan Sayles
John and Susan Scalabrino
Kay Scantlen
Scene Publications
Tay Schafer
Lori Schanzenbaker
Mark and Christine Schauer
Kathy Scherer
Kathy Schieber
Diana Schimpf
Maddie Schimpf
Allen and Ann Schipper
Rod Schlyer
Sara Schmanske
Jessica Schmidt
Sue Schmitz
Tammy Schneider
Kara Schoder
Shanna Schott
Luke Schuemann
Catherine Schulz
Dave Schuring
Michael Schwark
John Schwark
Schweitzer Inc.
Stacy Schweitzer
Cindy Schweitzer
Robert Scott
Carol Scott
Kathy Scott
Lisa Scroggins
Linda Secor
Karla Secor
Robin Secord
Kate Segal
Kase Segal
Elvia Segovia
Marvin Self
Sallie Selinger
Craig and Yalonda Sell
Robert and Faith Sellers
Brett Sellers
Kathryn Sellers
John and Anne Seppanen
Arla Sessions
Matonya Seuell
Mittonya Sevell
Sew N Sews/First Presbyterian Church
Rodney and Penelope Sexton
Dee Seymour
Marcy Shafer
Penni Shafer
Joyce Shaffer
Kelan Shah
Barb Shambach
Mason Shambach
Joseph Shanks
Julie Sharpsteen
Kathy Shaw
David Sheara
David Shearer
Kristen Shearer
Tinna Sheldon
Roxanne Shellington
Scott and Deborah Shepherd
Veda Sheppard
Linda Sheppard
Hayley Sherman
Tanya Sherwood
Tonya Sherwood
Louise Shew
Krista Shields
Ron Shipley
Mary Lee Shirk
Julia Shirk
Judy Shirk
Bob Shirley
Phyllis Shook
Dave Shorter
Julia Shouldice
Fred Shouldice
JoAnne Shouldice
Mick Shubert
Nicole Shugars
Amy Shupp
Jonna Siano
Jan Siddall
Shelley Sidnam
Jody Siefker
Tony Siefker
Joyce Siegel
Wendy Silvers
Benita Rosa Simmons
Sara Simmons
Lisa Simon
Peggy Simonovic
Monique Simons
Joshua and Robin Simpson
Bev Simpson
Sims and Stern PC
Rose Sims
Margaret Sims
George Sims
Conrad and Margaret Sindt
Ronald and Mary Sine
Gabe Sipes
Pam Sittig
Wretha Skidmore
Julie Skidmore
Sharan Sklenicka
Karen Slack
Bart and Trina Sleper
Janice Slingerlend
Virginia Sloan
Norma Sly
Gary and Dawna Smith
Richard and Zella Smith
Doug and Judith Smith
Candy Smith
Morris Smith
Dawn R Smith
Tammi Smith
Terry Smith
Ann Smith
Karen Smith
Robert Smith
Martha Smith
Brandi Smith
Angela Smith
Michelle Smith
Eleanor Smith
Jeaneva Smith
Deborah Smith
Lisa Smith
Jean Smith
Kay Smith
Dallas Smith
Shirley Smith
Cindi Smith
Barbara Smith
Mary Smith-Stokes
Mike Smitley
Matt Smoker
Diana Smyth
Nicole Snyder
Marjorie Soderlund
Marge Soderlund
Joyce Soebbing
Jessica Solano
Louis and Rynda Somers
Catherine Sonneville
Sons Of The American Legion Squadron 298
Terri Sookhai
Virginia Sootsman
Julie Sottek
Jackie Souther
Southern Michigan Bank and Trust
Southwest Michigan Federal Credit Union
James and Susan Sparks
Nate Sparks
Gary and Andrea Spaulding
Gayland Spaulding
Sterling Speirn
Roger Spence
Spherion Staffing
Jo Spight
Paul Spight
Maggie Spooner
Sherri Sprau
Bev Sprick
Roger and Sharon Spriggel
Lois Spyker
Rebecca Squires
Barb Squires
Robert and Joanne St Clair
Todd Stagner
Patti Staib
Kimberly Staib
Kate Staib
Michael Staib
Alice Stamp
J D. Stanlake
Katy Stanley
Pat Stanley
Kevin Stanley
Roger Stanton
Marlene Stanton
Eleonor Stark
Max Stark
Marie Starks
Robert Starring
Edward Starring
Barb Starring
Doreen Stauffer
Cindy Steffel
Amanda Stein
Renessa Stephens
Nancyanne Stephenson
John Stetler
Dawn Stevens
Karina Stevens
Pat Stevens
Nicole Stevens
Linda Steward
Rodney and Margaret Stewart
Nancy Stewart
Debbie Stiles
Verna Stockford
Kelly Stokes
Joyce Stoltz
Jerry Stone
Tom Stoner
Bob and Becky Storey
Jason Storey
Donna Storm
Kathy Stormer
Mathew and Kathleen Stover
Rhonda Stratton
Holly Strauch-Heemsoth
Karl and Christa Strenge
Paul Stubelt
Laura Stuchell
Chad Stuck
Lucy Stucky
Burrel and Deanna Stults
Denny Stults
Jill Stupak
Julia Sturm
Jon Suggs
Karen Suggs
John Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Bev Sullivan
Janelle Sullivan
Summit Pointe
James and Suzanne Sumner
Sunshine Toyota
Ken Surprenant
Steve and Terri Sutherland
Elaine Sutherland
Cynthia Sutton
Jara Sutton
Ginger Swagler
Eva Sweet
Freda Swensen
Andrew Swift
Chris Swift
Vickie Swiger
Kailey Swiger
Kent Swisher
Vicki Swisher
Bonnie Symons
Christine Szarejko
Chrissie Szarejko
Michael Tabiadon
Ken and Kim Tabor
Nicole Tabor
William Tack
Linda Tafolla
George and Paula Taft
Julie Taft
Tom Taft
Diale Taliaferro
Sue Tallent
Harley and Sally Tanner
Linda Tarmnel
Michelle Tatrow
Randy and Tammi Taylor
Geraldine Taylor
Lanealla R Taylor
Debbie Taylor
Martin Taylor
Tammi Taylor
Team 1 Plastics, Inc.
Tekonsha Community Schools
James and Marcene Telfer
Claudia Templeton
Joy Tenney
Mike Tenney
Steven and Bonnie Teska
Shekhar Thakur
Donna Thayer
Kay Thayer
The Lung Center
The Oaks At Northpointe Woods
Doug Thiel
Ellen Thimmig
Jerry and Sue Thomas
Dawn Thomas
Barbara Thomas
Colleen Thome
Diane Thompson
Lynnette Thompson
V Thompson
Dave Thompson
Lynette Thompson
Magnolia Thompson
Marcie Thompson
Melissa Thompson
Tabby Thompson
James Thompson
John Thompson
Tabitha Thompson
Yvonne Thomson
Ellen Thornton
Carol Thrall
Maggie Thurman
Deb Thurmond
Inc. Tichenor
Gerald Tilmann
TJX Foundation
Chuck Tobey
Hattie Todd
Karen Todd
Leblanc Toddare
Chari Toll
Diana Tomlinson
Mary Tomlinson
Karen Tompkins
RJ Torching
Harold Tower
Larry Towery
Dale and Brenda Traister
Margaret Tranick
Dennis Trantum
Barbara Travis
Joyce Traylor
Eric Traylor
Jill Treat-Hawkins
Annettie Tribbett
Judith Trine
Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity United Methodist Church
Melissa Tripaldi
Douglas Trites
Marg Trunick
DJ Trunier
Linda Tsoumas
Sharon Tubay
Kim and Marylene Tuck
Pam Tucker
Stan Tuggle
Steph Turk
Sally Turner
Chris Turner
Martha Turner
Carl Turner
Amber Turner
Gail Turner
Jeanne Turner
Wendy Turner-Collard
Jana Turpin
Joan Tuttle
Brenda Tuttle
Doug Tyjewski
Beverly Tyler
Nancy Tyler
Marcus Tyler
Virgil Uitvlugt
Dale Uldricks
United Educational Credit Union
United Way
United Way Midland County
Jody Unrue
Dwight and Deborah Upston
Laura Ure
Elain Valero
Kathy Valkner
Mary E VanCamp
Deborah Vance
John and Linda Vandegriff
Reva Vandenboss
Pat Vandenburg
JJ Vandenbussche
Blaire Vanderford
Coleen VanderHorst
Cheryl VanderVeen
Susan VanderWede
Ron VanDyke
Lori Vane
Lisa VanFulpen
Marilyn VanHare
Patricia VanHorn
Milo and Willo VanNortwick
Deb VanOrder
Danyell VanVleet
Alice M Varalli
Angela Varga
Chris Varvatos
Mary Vasquez
Tina Vaughan
Kathy Vaughn
Sharon Venzant
Carol Vernia
Steve Vernia
Eugene and Margaret Verrette
Gwen Vick
Johnny Vick
Amanda Vickery
Shannon Vickery
Alex Vincent
Sharon Vinzant
Diane Vitale
Taryn Vitale
Jeanne Voegler
Ronald J Voelker
Shelley Vogt
Arlene VonHout
Liz Voorheis
Heather L Vought
Jill Vought
Connie Vunovich
Lynette Wade
Tiffany Wagner
Debbie Wagner
Mike Wagner
Diane Wagner
Richard and Wilma Wahl
Nakiya Wakes
Karla Walch
Billie Walk
Rosa Walker
Shanan Walker
Lisa Walker
Jeff Walker
Gary and Penny Walkinshaw
Carolyn Waller
Walmart Foundation
Leslie Walsh
Laura Walters
Pat Wank
Cliff and Kathryn Ward
Joe Ward
S Ward
Linda Warden
Deb Ware
Willie Ware
Tamara Warner
Tammy Warner
Alice Warner-Mehlhorn
Alisha Warren
Pam Warsop
Rosa Washington
Carolyn Washington
Elizabeth Wassenaar
Chris and Marilyn Waterbury
Mark Waterman
Connie Waterman
Scott Waterson
Lily Watkins
Tom Watkins
Levi Watkins
Arleen Watson
Clare Watson
Lindy Watson
Jolene Watson
Margo Wattles
Mary Weathers
Marie Weaver
Barbara Weaver
Laura Webb
Colleen Webb
Dani Webb
Jill Webb
Erma Webber
Irma Webber
Judith Webster
Dan Webster
Heather Wechsler
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Alma Weimer
Jim Weir
Janene Weis
Jenny Weitting
Loretta Welch-Prosser
Donna Welks
Florence Weller
Jeanne Wellinger
Brooke Wells
Wells Fargo Advisors
Rick Wells
Larry Welton
Lisa Wemple
Tonia Wendt
Brian Wensauer
Jennifer Wensauer
Bill Wentworth
Marcia Wentworth
Sydney Wenzler
David West
Coleen Westerhof
Westlake Presbyterian Women
Velma Weston
Cheryl Wetherill
Stan Wheeler
Janet Wheeler-Kitzman
Laura Whipple
DeeAnn Whisler
John Whitaker
David and Ann-Nita Whitby
Connie White
Willie White
Alonzo White
Karen White
Brenda Whited
Debra Whitehead
Linda Whitfield
Jetara Whitfield
Juanita Whiting
Gail Whiting
Cindy Whitmore
Jackie Whitt
Deb Whitten
Robert Wichterman
Carly Wickens
Dan Wicker
Mark and Marilyn Wieas
Shirley Wiederhold
Clayton Wiersma
Marilyn Wiersma
Becky Wieseler
Carol Wigent
Virginia Wilber
Mamie Wilcox
Wendy Wilkey
Helen Wilkey
Mary Wilkey
Tom and Becki Willard
Willard Library
Roma Willbrandt
April Willbur
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Kelly Williams
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Kathy Williams
Kelsey Williams
Cynthia Williams
Alfred Williams
JaJuan Williams
Sabrina Williams
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Kim Williams
Andrew Williams
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Lisa Williams
Dalon Williams
Donald Williamson
Shirley Williamson
Jean Willinger
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Scott Wilson
Joyce Wilson
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John Wilson
Judy Wilson
Deandre Wilson
Darwin and Margaret Winchell
Bob Windsor
Irene Wing
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Charles Winget
Julee Wingo
Robert Winnie
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Gerald Winton
WNWN FM / Win 98.5
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Shelly Word
Douglas and Susan Worgess
Jake Worgess
Robert Worgess
Andrew Worgess
John and Gayle Worthington
Ron Worthington
Thomas and Nancy Wozniak
Thomas Wozniak
Dave Wrate
Hugh and Sally Wright
Christy Wright
Albert Wright
Alphonzo Wright
Amy Wright
David Wright
Helen Wright
Lovette Wright
Dave Wright
Robin Wyatt
Ross Wyckoff
Sharon Wynne
Elise Wyrick
Suzanne Yancer
Joan Yatalese
Lauren Yates
Catherine Yates
Christine Yates
R Yaw
Shannon Yingling
Maggie Young
John R Young
Trudi Young
Karilyn Young
Paul Younker
Paul Yunker
Rosemary Zaborski
Michael and Catherine Zaleski
John and Annette Zalner
Frankie Zanetti
Anne Zanetti
Alissa Zanetti
John Zanetti
Sheron Zapata
Michelle Zeithammel
M Zelinsky
Pam Zemke
Jennifer Zemke
Ed Zentera
Deb Zesiger
Sharon Zienert
David Zilligen
David Zilliger
Mary Zima
D. Zimmerman
Jessica Zimmerman
Gary and Julie Zink
Mark Zoltowski
Ray and Marion Zull
Roberta Zull