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A special thank you to the following donors who have supported Charitable Union during 2019. It's because of your support that we can continue to serve those who seek our services. Thank you all from the Clients, Staff and Board of Directors.

Ann Acker
Angela Adamson
Aetna Foundation
Albion Community Foundation
Albion-Homer United Way
Lisa Albrant
Teresa Allen
Gloria Allred
Amazon Smile
American Legion Auxiliary
American One Credit Union
Robert and Mary Anderson
Eric Andrews and Hancy Craig
Art and Judy Angood
Barb Auble
B C Vision
Kathleen Baker
Brett and Ann Bakker
Mary Ann Ball
Robert and Mardi Barker
Battle Creek Academy
Battle Creek Chapter Of Credit Unions
Battle Creek Community Foundation
Battle Creek Public Schools
Battle Creek Unlimited Inc.
Bill and Sadie Bauer
Amy Bauman
Joan Bauman
John Bauman
Lenore Bazzichi
BCCHS Hall Of Fame
BCTGM Local 3-G
Bed Bath & Beyond
Aimee Bedard
Bedford Elsa Lioness Club
Charles and Beverly Beebe
Linda Behnke
Tracy Bell
Bell's Brewery Inc.
Dennis and Nedy Bennett
Carol Berge
Donald and Sheri Berry
Robert and Pamela Bertelson
Bethlehem Temple-Springfield
Anitra Bettac
Ted and Judy Betz
Donna Bidelman
Binda Foundation
June Bloch
BlueOx Credit Union
Anne & Jeffrey Bohl
Peggy Bohl
Bonnie Bole
Carol Bolenz
Don Bolthouse
Annette Bornor
Mary Bourgeois
William and Kathleen Bramble
Patti Brandt
Donald and Carol Brenner
Betsy Briere
Dave and Jeanette Britton
Nancy Brookins
Jack and Charlotte Brown
Nolla Brown
Tom and Peggy Brown
Clyde and Dawn Buchanan
Alvin Buck
Jo Buckenberger
Edward and Joan Bujdos
Joe and Barb Bulko
Belinda Bullard
Rod & Theresa Burke
Martha Burns
Burtrum Furs and Leathers
Allen and Judy Byam
Holly Byrd
Ronald Cady
Heather Cahill
Jason and Ashley Cain
Cal-Co Quilters Guild
Calhoun Christian School
Calhoun County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Calhoun County Corvettes
Calhoun County Health Department-WIC
Calhoun County Treasurers Office
Calhoun Intermediate School District
Marilyn Calladine
Calvary Baptist Church
Gayle Carpenter
Darlene Carter
Janice Casella
Bryon and Rachelle Casler
Cereal City Pediatrics
Ceresco Baptist Church
Sue Chamberlain
Chapel Hill United Methodist Church
Chemical Bank
John and Heidi Chmiel
Peter and Carolyn Christ
Dixie Christensen
City Of Battle Creek
Celeste Clark
Diane Clay
Loreli Cobb
Thomas & Diana Cole
Combined Federal Campaign
Steve and Phyllis Combs
Comerica Bank
Community Of Christ
Pamela Condlyffe
Carolyn Connor
Consumers Energy Foundation
Gary Cook
Charles and Constance Corbin
Lola & Dawn Cosgrove
Gregory and Kay Courter
Margarita Covarrubias
Craig K Kempf Family Funeral Homes
Chuck and Jackie Crail
Margaret Crane
Peggy Crane
Judith Crouse
CSE Morse
CTS Telecom Inc.
Margo Cummins
Marie Curmi
Nancy Czarnecki
Bryan and Amy Dandenault
Gary and Nneka Daniels
Deborah Davis
James and Rita Davis
Jean Davis
Sue Densham
Dave DeShon
Sandy Determann
Detroit Chapter Of American Payroll Association
Marilyn DeWaard
Beth DeWeese
Craig and Martha Diederich
James and Mary Dillard
Adam and Deb Dingwall
Michael and Angela Disher
Dave and Eve Dolenski
Connie Donihue
John and Marilyn Doty
John and Debbie Dowdle
Elaine Drury
Bill and Debra Duggan
Duncan Aviation
Gerald and Connie Duncan
Sam and Teresa Durham
Anne Dyer
Lenny Dyer
Nora Dyer
Jack Eagles
Eaton Corporation
Stephen and Jill Edelen
Mary & David Elliott
Bonnie Ellis
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Dan and Mary Eriksson
Ermisch Travel
Nancy Esterline
Jenny Evans
Kent and Janet Evans
Peggy Evans
Tom and Anita Evans
Family Altar Chapel
Tom and Kathy Farchone
Farley Estes Dowdle Funeral Home
Joann Farnham
Del and Jill Fausey
Feldpausch Foundation
Karolynn Ferguson
Fifth Third Bank
First Assembly Of God
First Baptist Church
First Christian Church
First Church Of Christ Scientist
First Presbyterian Church
Fisher Spiegel Kunkle & Gerber P.L.L.C.
Harold and Monica Fisher
Jim and Judy Fisher
Jess Fleming
Patricia & Roger Fosdick
Martha Frahm
Thomas Franke
Bobbie Freese
Steve and Lorene Frisbie
Richard and Jeanette Gagnon
Patrick and Antoinette Galligan
Danielle Lynne Ganley
Gannett Foundation
Ganton Senior Communities
Gary and Kathy Garland
Jayna Garland
Patrick and Joyce Garrett
Char Garvey
Gregory B Geise
Mary George
Nancy George
Al and Marilyn Gibbs
Jerry and Marion Glubke
John and Jean Godfrey
Loretta Gold
Goodwill Industries
Mike Goy
David and Jeanne Grabe
Grace Health Center
Dan and Julie Graham
Grand Trunk Employees Credit Union
Granger Allstate Insurance
William Grant
Aaron & Lisa Grenier
Norma Griffin
Robert Griffin
Alfred and Inara Grosskurth
Dr. James and Linda Grubka
Paula Grudt
George & Marijke Guerin
Robert and Gail Guth
Jim Haadsma
Michael and Annette Hack
Gary & Christina Hammond
Carl Hanson
Harper Creek Education Association
Harper Creek Schools
Leonard and Nancy Harris
Andrew and Brenda Harrison
Philip and Mary Harter
Jennifer (Edward Jones) Harty
Tyler Haviland
Richard Heeres
Jeff Hegerberg
Robert Hegerberg
Karol Henegar
Heritage Chevrolet
Mindy Hetchler
Ruth A. Heyn
Julie Hickey
Joan Higgins
Peggy Higgins
Phil and Margaret Hitchcock
Hoffman Brothers Inc.
Jim & Joan Hoffman
Mike Holmi
David and Kimberlee Hood
Stan and Anna Horn
Steven & Tammi Horn
Betty Howlett
Jim and Judy Huggett
Wesley & Bonnie Huibregtse
Rich and Lynn Hulkow
Gary and Dorothy Hutchison
Dave and Linda Hyslop
Simon and Elizabeth Insley
Integrated Health Partners
Jackson & Jackson LLC
Douglas and Glenda Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Jaconette
Harold and Jennifer Jandreski
Martin and Susan Jelinek
Danne and Cathy Jewell
Mike and Laura Jewett
Tammy Jimenez
Robin Johnkoski
Mark and Susan Johnson
Michael and Elisabeth Johnson
Peter & Tamera Kaiser
Art Kale
Kalsee Credit Union
Karen Kane
Larry and Julia Karns
Dan and Elaine Keck
Karen Keese
Richard and Carolyn Kelley
Kellogg Cares
Kellogg Community College
Kellogg Community Credit Union
David and Janice Kemper
Jayne Kempf
Edward and Gail Kennedy
Linda L Kenyon
Sandra & Thomas Kerns
Betty Kesselring
David and Carol Kiessling
Kiwanis Club Of Battle Creek
Monte and Kandice Kizzier
Mark and Dawn Klacking
Joan Klopfenstein
April & Jason Knickerbocker
John and Cynthia Koerner
Charles Kohs
Julie Koledo
Janet Koltonowski
Sandra Kopelman
Dan and Cathy Kunitzer
James and Lois Laird
Jerry and Michelle Lambert
Raymond Lasich
John Latta
Patricia Lawrence
Walter and Emily Lawrence
Rance and Linda Leaders
Barbara Leaf
Scott and Mary Lynn Lehouiller
MaryLou Leichliter
Barbara Leonard
Martha Lester
John and Darlene Liddell
Sheron Liss
Alfred and Alice Loney
Dennis and Anne Lorenz
Steve Lotter
Dianne Low
Janis Ludwig
Dr. Terance and Marjorie Lunger
MaryAnn Lupina
Mary Lusk
Raymond Luts
Kathleen Lyon
Carol Mack
Louis Maddalena
Clark and Ann Maddox
Mike and Debbie Magers
Mary Maley
Jean Mangan
Linda Marick
William and Rebecca Markham
Marshall Community Credit Union
Marshall Community Foundation
Marshall United Way
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Martin
Joan Maturen
Jack and Norma Mawdsley
Robert McAllan
Jan McCowan
Robert and Shirley McFee
James McGovern
Lynda McKinnon
Claud and Bonnie McMillen
William and Joan McNally
George and Kathleen Mechem
Meijers Store #195
Linda Melville
Vada Mercer
William and Gloria Messner
Jennifer Michael
Michigan Tile and Carpet
Miller Foundation
Brian Miller
Deborah Miller
Janice Miller
Jon D Miller
Kenneth and Ruth Miller
Curt and Mary Mills
Tim and Vicki Milroy
Caleb Minear
Bob and Sandra Mobley
Georgia Monroe
Louis and Bridget Morel
Bill Mowry
James Mullins
Mumford Schubel MacFarlane & Barnett
Holly Munch
Erna Murray
J Terrence Murray
Larry Nasers
Mary Nelson
Greta Nesseth
Sandra Neubert
Liz Neumeyer
Sarah A. Newton-Peacock
Marilyn Nicholson
North Avenue Church Of God
NorthPointe Woods
Bob and Keitha Norton
Winifred Nowlin
Patrick O'Donnell
Kathleen O'Halloran
Paul and Sharon Ohm
Old National Bank
Brohm & Erin Olds
Omni Community Credit Union
C L. Owel
Stephen Owel
Judith Parrish
Marsha Parson-Arnold
Andrew Parsons
Karen Pattison
Sandy & Steve Peck
Linda Pell
Pennfield Middle School
Pennfield Presbyterian Church
Pennfield Retirees
Ralph Pernice
Butch and Patsy Perry
Julie Perry
Fred Peterson
Robert and Heidi Peterson
Carol Petredean
Peter and Joanna Phelps
Don and Shar Phillips
Mark and Barbara Phillips
Sandy Phillips
Melanie Phipps
Debbie Pieknik
Kim and Roger Pitzer
Podolsky & Wickham Law
Tom Poleski
Post Consumer Brands LLC
Donald and Rebecca Potter
Vernon and Virginia Potts
Presbyterian Women Of Marshall
Mike Pulgini
Mike and Carol Quartermaine
Glenn and Debra Quinlan
Ruth Rabbitt
Korinna & Michael Rafferty
Diane Ramirez
JoAnn Raymond
Redemption Lutheran Church
C.A. Reese-Weist
Jeanne Reid
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Rice Creek Ladies Aid
Ernest and Raola Rice
Michelle Richardson
Stephen & Mary Richey
Rod and Anne Rizor
Donna Roberts
Amy Robertson
Nancy Robertson
Shelby and Ann Robertson
Betty Robins
Marlene Romans
Homer and Pat Root
M. Joanna Ross
Rotary Club Of Battle Creek
Lynn and Joyce Rupp
Byron and Nancy Sailor
Saint Joseph School
Sam's Club
Joanne Samson
Marilyn Sauder
Chuck Saulsberry
Fred & Katherine Sawchuck
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Sawchuk
Juilie Schmidt
Bill Schroer
Cynthia Schroerlucke
Dave Schuring
Kathleen Scott
James and Gladys Seedorf
Dan and Linda Seng
Seventh Day Baptist Church
Rodney and Penelope Sexton
Mary Shear
Steve and Beth Shepard
Mickey C. Shilton
Mary Lee Shirk
Duane and Kathy Short
Robert B. Sidebottom
Benita Rosa Simmons
Pamela Simmons
Peggy Simonovic
Joshua and Robin Simpson
Ronald and Mary Sine
Jan Slingerlend
Barbara Smith
Kelly Smith
Kim Smith
Kristina E. Smith
Robert Smith
Ron & Linda Smith
Steven and Barbara Smith
Mary Smith-Stokes
Donald and Patricia Sodo
Joyce Soebbing
Rynda G. Somers
Catherine Sonneville
David Sosnoski
Mary Soules
Jackie Souther
Southern Michigan Bank and Trust
Spartan Nash
Roger and Sharon Spriggel
St Philip High School
St. Elias Eastern Orthodox Church
St. Peter Lutheran Church
St. Philip Roman Catholic Church
Kimberly Staib
Patti Staib
Susan Stanton
Douglas and Gale Stautz
Jennifer Stegenga
Gary Steiner
John Stetler
Elwood and Juanita Stokes
Mathew and Kathleen Stover
Kathleen Strang
Paul & Michelle Stubelt
Timothy and Dorene Sullivan
Summit Pointe
Sunshine Toyota
James and Linda Swanger
Sandra Sweet
Robert and Pawloski Synk
George and Paula Taft
Harley and Sally Tanner
Shekhar Thakur
The ARC of Calhoun County
The Music Center Of South Central Michigan
The Oaks At Northpointe Woods
Jewell Thomas
Tracie Tomak
Julie Tourjie
Dale and Brenda Traister
Natalie Tramel
Rachel Treadway
Annettie Tribbett
Trinity Episcopal Church
Beverly Tyler
United Way
Dwight and Deborah Upston
Richard VanAmeyden
Connie Vanantwerp
Deborah Vance
Vicki Vandenberg
Reva Vandenboss
Marilyn VanHare
Milo and Willo VanNortwick
Norma Vest
Rebecca Vettel
Sara Wallace
Brian and Cheryl Wanless
Cliff and Kathryn Ward
Alice Warner-Mehlhorn
Kimberly Watson
Western Michigan University - College Of Aviation
Westlake Presbyterian Church
Richard Westphal
Steve & Chris Wettle
Allen Weyer
Connie White
Marion White
Tim & Teresa White
Juanita Whiting
Mark and Marilyn Wieas
Clayton and Marilyn Wiersma
Willard Library
Tom and Becki Willard
Patrick and Shawn Williams
Jean Willinger
Earl and Suzanne Willson
Scott and Susan Wilson
Thomas K. Wilson
Darwin and Margaret Winchell
Margaret Winchell
Cindy & Jim Wise
WK Kellogg Foundation
Worgess Agency
Woven Together In Kalamazoo
Sally Wright
Todd Wright
Cheryl Wynn
Trustee for YourCause LLC
Stephen and Rosemary Zaborski
Catherine Zaleski
Annette Zalner
Mark and Kelly Zehner
Mary Zima

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  • Backdoor Donations in 2021

    54,651 bags/boxes

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