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Annual Quilt Sale May 6 - 11

Decorated Table a Great Evening


Whether you were sitting “By the Beach,” watching “The Price is Right;” placing your bets at the “Kentucky Derby,” enjoying some “April Showers” or at one of the other amazing tables Monday night, you know that a great time was had by all. We had good food, warm friendships and fun games that all came together to make the evening a memorable one.

Congratulations to the winning table whose theme was the Kentucky Derby. Thanks to Sheri Berry for her creative talent in decorating the table and Kempf Funeral Homes for sponsoring the table. The creativity at each table was top notch.

I want to express my appreciation to the many individuals, companies and organizations who contributed to the success for our Decorated Table Event on April 15 at Schuler’s Restaurant and Pub. A huge thank you to all the sponsors who shared their resources to bring the event to us; thanks to all the board, staff and volunteers who helped to make the evening a success and thank you to all of you who came to show your support and care for Charitable Union. Truly, you are all amazing and because of you the work of our mission continues. Help that Brings Hope!

Teresa Allen


Prom Dresses Still Available

Any high school student girl who still needs a prom dress is invited to give us a call and set up an appointment to come to Charitable Union and pick your dress out of 100's available and the best thing is - it's all free of change. Call 269-964-7234 and ask to set up your appointment today.

Stained Glass Art Depicts CU Mural

Charitable Union received a wonderful gift recently from Chapel Hill United Methodist Church. The above stained glass art piece now hangs in the window in front of the building on 85 Calhoun street. It depicts the charitable works that our agency has been a part of for the past 132 years here in the Battle Creek and surrounding Calhoun County area. On behalf of the board, staff and clients at Charitable Union, thank you Chapel Hill Methodist Church!

  • Peter Christ

    I've lived and worked in this area for most of my life and I care deeply about this community and its future. In my opinion, the future of our community will be determined by how we collectively care for our children, not just the children in our family, but all our children. When children don't have the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter it is hard for them to be concerned about learning.

    Many of us live in areas where we don't see the children and parents who are so deeply impacted by poverty, but our teachers see them every day. And make no mistake - each of our local school districts have children who live in poverty....

    Right now in Calhoun County, nearly 22,000 people are living in grinding poverty. That includes one in four local children and thousands of local seniors. And I know we can do better as a community in helping these people to help themselves.

    So where do we start? For me, the journey out of poverty begins with the basics: clothing, shoes, bedding and basic infant-care items. Kids need them to grow up healthy and succeed in school.

    Adults need them to get and keep a job. Seniors need them to stay warm. While many organizations and individuals are working to help, Charitable Union is a key player in the journey out of poverty, and it has been since 1887….

    Today, I invite you -- I urge you -- to help lead our community by making your pledge. Gifts of any amount will help, but I'd encourage you to consider seriously making a "stretch gift” that goes beyond what you may have given before. The rewards you'll reap from giving will last a lifetime!

    With Hope and Gratitude,
    Peter J. Christ
    Former CEO, Battle Creek Community Foundation

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