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What We Offer

How To Qualify For Help?

Annually, (usually in December) you must re-qualify for assistance at Charitable Union. Here is what you'll need:

Your photo ID and one of the following:

  • Medicaid card
  • Food Stamp card
  • a referral from a Health and Human Service Agency, church or business
  • if you have none of the above call 211 Call Center and ask them for a referral to Charitable Union

You will also need to bring the following items for each person in your household or on your card:

  • Social Security card (can be a picture of the card)
  • Dates of birth for each person

New to Charitable Union? You will need those items above and please fill out a Client History Form either in English here or Spanish here

Have a Special Need?

Meeting immediate needs is just the beginning of our work. We help individuals in many different ways. Click on the "Here is how we can help" to see more information about each area.

Been the victim of a fire? Here is how we can help.

Need Steel-toed-shoes for a new job? Here is how we can help.

Had a new baby in the family? Here is how we can help.

Need Monthly Period products? Here is how we can help.

If you need something that you don't see here, give us a call (269) 964-7234 and chances are we can help you or point you in the direction for getting help.


Our Impact This Year

  • Households Served in 2023


  • Volunteer Hours in 2023


  • Backdoor Donations in 2023

    59,975 bags/boxes

  • United Way of South Central Michigan
    United Way of South Central Michigan
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